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The outer layer of your teeth is made from enamel, which is composed of microscopic mineral crystals. While tooth enamel is very strong, it is still possible for acidic food and drinks and the natural processes of the bacteria in your mouth to erode a microscopic amount of enamel each day.

Increased exposure to fluoride helps to restore a microscopic amount of minerals to your tooth enamel. Without exposure to fluoride, your teeth become increasingly vulnerable to cavities and issues with tooth sensitivity.

If your teeth show signs of enamel erosion, your Bear River Dental dentist might recommend having a basic fluoride treatment administered. A fluoride treatment is quick and easy. Most of the time it can be administered at the end of your regular dental checkup.

Your dentist will pour a small amount of concentrated fluoride gel into trays that are inserted in your mouth. You will need to hold the trays in place for a few minutes, while the fluoride deeply penetrates the microscopic pores of your tooth enamel.

If your teeth show signs of significant enamel erosion your Bear River Dental dentist might also prescribe fluoride supplements.

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