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Protect your teeth from dental erosion by supplementing your oral health care with sugarless gum. As impractical as it seems, sugarless gum can indeed be used to help make your teeth safer and stronger. However, the reasons for its benefits are not entirely and correctly understood by most people. For a deeper understanding on what sugarless gum can do for your smile, consider this:

– Sugarless gum can prevent cavities when chewed for at least twenty minutes after a meal.

– Saliva that is created by the constant motions involved with chewing gum is the substance which helps keep your smile clean. Saliva can wash away harmful plaque and neutralize acids that can cause dental erosion to your precious tooth enamel.

– Chewing gum high in sugar can also produce saliva, but the addition of sugar cancels out many of the benefits that the chewing gum could have. Thus, stick to sugarless gum.

– Sugarless gum can be used to supplement your oral health care much the same way mouthwash can, but it cannot and should not be used as a substitute for brushing and flossing daily.

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