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Restoration dentistry may involve replacing a lost or missing tooth with a restoration such as a dental bridge. Dental bridges are a special piece of dental work that is cemented to your smile, though it may need proper care if it comes loose.

While dental bridges are attached to two adjacent teeth to create a strong bond, if they are affected by oral trauma or poor oral hygiene, the connection between the bridge and the neighboring teeth could weaken. If this happens, the bridge may feel loose in its placement and could even fall out.

We encourage you to have the bridge examined at Bear River Dental. Before you are able to visit the dentists, there are a few things you can do to minimize any further damage to your smile. We urge you to not play with the loose dental bridge. If there is any blood or debris lingering in the mouth as a result of oral trauma, use lukewarm saltwater to rinse it away, but reserve any other cleaning procedures to our highly trained team at Bear River Dental.

If the dental adhesive is the result of poor oral hygiene, we may be able to re-cement the dental bridge back in place for minor treatment. If any of the abutments have been damaged as well, we may need to provide more advanced treatment, such as performing root canal treatment.

If you are in need of dental bridge care in Evanston, Wyoming, you should call our office at 307.789.5608 right away for a visit with either Dr. Nate Lester or Dr. Luke Lester Owens.