Do Kids Need Dental Crowns?

We create a calm and relaxing environment and always ensure your child has a positive experience. Let our team at Bear River Dental provide quality dental care you can trust.

How Much Do Veneers Generally Cost?

If you are ready to take that first step towards a new smile, Bear River Dental can help. We would love to provide you with more information about veneers, and how they may benefit you.

How Much Radiation is in a Dental X-ray?

To learn how dental x-rays can benefit you, or you are due for your regular dental exam and cleaning, contact Bear River Dental. We provide the highest level of service and use the latest technology and equipment.

How Does Digital Smile Design Work?

Let Bear River Dental help you feel proud to speak and smile in front of others with our Digital Smile Design Process. We can help you restore your confidence with a beautiful smile.

How Long is Wisdom Teeth Recovery?

If you are interested in finding out more about wisdom teeth removal contact Bear River Dental. Our doctors have years of experience in wisdom teeth removal and provide the highest level of care.

How Long Does a Dental Cleaning Generally Take?

At Bear River Dental prevention is extremely important. We help our patients review their oral hygiene routine at home and recommend changes to help keep their teeth and gums healthy.

How Long Do Veneers Last?

If you are interested in finding out how dental veneers may benefit you, contact Bear River Dental. Our doctors have years of experience in restoring smiles, and love to help patients achieve that smile

Does Jaw Surgery Correct Sleep Apnea?

Most often patients turn to jaw surgery to correct their appearance, or to improve speaking and chewing. Many don’t realize that jaw surgery can also help patients that suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Crowns are similar to a cap that is placed over a tooth, and are used to save and restore a damaged tooth. Crowns look natural and allow patients to use their tooth again. The color of a crown can also be matched to your natural teeth, and crowns help to make damaged teeth strong again.

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