Dr. Lester and Dr. Owens can make a full examination of your oral health when we take a closer look at your teeth, gums, and jaw using digital X-rays. This is some of the latest X-ray technology, and we offer it at Bear River Dental because it is efficient to use and healthy for our patients.

An important part of maintaining your oral health is visiting our office twice a year for a thorough dental cleaning and X-rays of your teeth. Our dental practice is equipped with digital radiography, the latest advancement in dental X-ray technology. Using an electronic sensor, our digital X-ray machine will both capture and store highly accurate digital images of your teeth.

Receiving a digital X-ray of your teeth is a much more comfortable and efficient process than having a traditional X-ray taken. In addition, digital X-rays emit much less radiation than a traditional X-ray, so you know that you and your family are always safe when you visit us. We can view the images taken by the digital X-ray machine instantly, which means that our dental team can diagnose and detect any potential dental problems faster than ever before. We welcome you to contact our dentists if you would like to learn more about the benefits of digital radiography in Evanston, Wyoming.