Overdentures in Evanston, WY

Dentures have been used for years to help those that have lost many or all of their teeth get back to a considerably normal life. As with anything that is not your natural tooth, there may be drawbacks, but with new technology, dentures have become more comfortable and low profile. They can now be made even more stable with “overdentures.”

What are Overdentures?

An overdenture is a full or partial denture that can be retained with either remaining natural teeth or with dental implants. Because of the procedures used to anchor overdentures, the dentures fit more securely so they don’t move as a traditional denture might. They are made from acrylic and, like other dentures, are removable. There are three types of overdentures—implant-retained, gum supported; bar-retained, implant-supported; and fixed, implant-supported.

Implant-Retained, Gum Supported

The overdenture rests on your gums and is retained by implants that are placed in the jawbone. The denture is secured to the implant with attachments that have been placed in the denture. The denture is removable with this procedure.

Bar-Retained, Implant Supported
In this treatment, a metal bar is placed on the gums and held in place with implants in the jaw and then the denture attaches to the metal bar with attachments that have been placed in the denture. The denture is removable with this procedure.

Fixed, Implant Supported

In this procedure, the overdenture and metal bar are a combined piece that is secured toOver Dentures implants in the jaw with screws. This denture can only be removed in a dental office and is most like natural teeth. It is not an “artificial-gums-to-real-gums” attachment.

The main factor that sets overdentures apart from traditional dentures is that the overdenture gets support and stability from dental implants rather than from suction and adhesives.

Benefits of Overdentures

Since overdentures are held in place more securely, this allows food to be chewed more thoroughly and, thus, leads to better digestion and absorption. They also slow down bone loss and shrinkage due to missing teeth. Because the natural process of shrinkage is slowed down or stopped, you don’t start looking as prematurely old as if you would without the dentures. Overdentures are more comfortable due to the more secure fit, which leads to less pain and no worry about your dentures falling out.

Overdenture Care

Overdentures should be removed every night and cleaned thoroughly, along with cleaning the attachments that are in the mouth. Routine exams are important so we can check your mouth to make sure that your dentures fit well and your gums stay healthy.

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