Your teeth and smile make your face shine, and when it comes to oral healthcare, periodontal maintenance in Evanston is vital for the health of your smile. The gums support your teeth, and they need to be as healthy as possible to ensure that you don’t suffer with tooth loss or oral infections. Your periodontal maintenance appointment in Evanston, Wyoming is going to work with you to treat gum complications and help you to maintain better, healthier gums for longer. Your teeth are yours until you die – unless you don’t look after them properly. With our help, your gums will be pink, healthy and supportive to your teeth for as long as you live.

When you need periodontal maintenance

It should be a part of your regular oral care, but periodontal maintenance should be completed at least twice a year. This appointment is focused on the health of the gums and involves a deep cleaning and scaling. Some dentists offer root planing, too, as part of the periodontal maintenance process, and this is the most common part of the cleaning process. All diseased tissues and bacteria are removed along the gum line.

Benefits of periodontal maintenance in Evanston, Wyoming

There are plenty of benefits to booking a periodontal maintenance appointment, with the fact you keep your teeth for longer at the top of the list. Gums are crucial for your teeth to remain healthy, and diseased gums can lead to recession and this can lead to teeth loosening and falling out. With the right periodontal maintenance, you can avoid this happening entirely. Prevention of gum disease is important, and there are also the smile benefits of attending periodontal maintenance appointments.

When you should think about periodontal maintenance

Everyone benefits from periodontal maintenance appointments at least once or twice a year. Good oral hygiene routines at home only do so much to remove bacteria and plaque and scaling can remove all of the bacteria and expose healthy teeth. Bleeding, swollen, discolored or receding gums should see their dentist for a cleaning and scaling. Painful, bleeding gums aren’t just uncomfortable, they can severely affect your self-esteem and confidence levels. If you take the time to see the right dentist for a cleaning, you’re going to keep your confidence high at all times. Periodontal maintenance is going to keep you healthy overall, so why not book an appointment today and take your oral care into your control?

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You shouldn’t wait for your gums to bleed or recede before you seek help. Preventing it from developing in the first place is the goal, and periodontal maintenance appointments serve to help you to remain as healthy as possible. Booking a consultation with Bear River Dental today is important, and you can gain a healthier, beautiful smile as a result.

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