If you have ever researched getting braces, you might have seen the advice that having braces early is more beneficial. Of course, the stereotypical image of a teenager wearing braces still stands; early orthodontics are, indeed, beneficial for your teeth and general oral health. Although there are plenty of options for adults to have braces later in life, which are both viable and more accessible than ever, early orthodontics consist of having your first orthodontic consultation at around the age of seven. But why is starting young better for orthodontic treatments?

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The Benefits of Early Orthodontics


  • Spotting Issues Early

By having orthodontic consultations and treatment as young as seven years old, the orthodontist can spot any potential problems that your child may have as their teeth mature. This can include:

  • Having an overbite or underbite, leading to speech and teeth problems in adulthood.
  • Tooth crowding, which can also result in speech impediments and buildup of plaque in hard to reach areas.


  • Preparation For Teenage Braces 

Preliminary treatments at a younger age can prevent further problems from surfacing down the line. Of course, braces cannot be applied until the child has all their adult teeth, meaning that any preliminary treatments could include:

  • Tooth extraction. If your child has crowding in their teeth, as they mature and their mouths change shape, this can in some cases be sorted out on its own. However, in most cases, in order for your child’s teeth to move and straighten under braces, space needs to be made for this to happen. That means that your dentist may suggest a tooth extraction, which leaves space for the teeth to be realigned. 
  • A shorter period of braces wearing. With preliminary treatments such as extraction and mild alignments, this may mean that your child does not have to wear permanent braces for as long as they would have without the treatments. This will help them gain confidence in their teen years, as well as be more comfortable.


  • Tackling Developmental Problems

Up until the age of ten, your child’s development is at a crucial stage. Their skull hardens and their upper and lower jaw forms more solidly. At this stage, it is evident to an orthodontist whether any issues, such as cramped sinuses, bad posture, not enough sleep, and snoring might be symptoms of issues that can be solved through orthodontic treatment. These issues might be better remedied through early orthodontics, helping your child tackle these issues before they get worse. 


Here at Bear River Dental, our orthodontists offer top of the range early orthodontics in Evanston, WY, alongside adult orthodontics too. We recommend bringing your child for an orthodontic consultation around the age of seven, to see how they could benefit from early orthodontics in this crucial developmental stage. 

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