Some patients can experience a dental emergency, because of unexpected tooth loss, a facial injury, rapid pain onset or as a result of other dental issues. When you are in need of emergency dental care in Evanston, Wyoming, then you need to be able to access it quickly and easily. We are the only office in the area available for emergency care 24/7.


There can be a number of reasons why you might need emergency dental are, but some of the most common reasons are:


  • Fillings or teeth that become chipped or lost, usually because of an injury ot blow to the head
  • Broken or loose dentures or crowns
  • Damage to braces
  • Pain in the mouth, such as wisdom teeth
  • Swellings and abscesses


What to expect

The main priority that we have with emergency dental care in Evanston is to make sure that we can make you as comfortable as possible, so that we can give you the treatment that you will need. For patients that are experiencing severe pain and discomfort, we can offer medication and treatment, in order to alleviate that pain, as well as offering solutions so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible. With some dental emergencies, we know that there can be missing teeth, and we understand and appreciate the impact that can have socially. So whether you’ve lost a tooth or chipped a tooth, we can restore the aesthetics of your teeth to restore your smile, and then workout a long-term solution.


Benefits of emergency dental treatment

Receiving treatment on your teeth that is prompt, is one of the best options to help you to relieve pain and discomfort that can come as a result of a dental emergency. Oral pain can cause a lot more than just pain, leading to headaches, and can be a real distraction from your other jobs, duties, and daily life. It can also be hard to eat when things aren’t quite right, which is why seeking emergency dental treatment is important. Otherwise, it can have a big impact on your oral health, as well as your general wellness. 


So if you are faced with a dental emergency, take charge and get emergency dental care quickly. It can stop things from getting worse, and will help your dental care in the long-term. At Bear River Dental, we look after you to make sure that you can be comforted and cared for, to get back to normal in quickly.


Why we offer emergency dental care in Evanston, WY

At Bear River Dental, we offer emergency dental care because we know just how important it is to be able to be seen quickly by a dentist. This is important not only for comfort, but also for health and wellbeing. We will prioritize dental emergencies that need some fast action and intervention, in order to preserve the long-term oral health of our patients. 


If you are interested in becoming a patient of ours, or want to find out more about our emergency dental care options in Evanston, WY, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.