In modern society, we sometimes forget how important oral hygiene is. We’re so busy and with so many thoughts in our minds, we think that brushing once or twice a day is going to see us through. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. Even people who floss regularly need to have a checkup every now and again. This is why general dentistry services are so popular, despite being somewhat of a niche in our regular healthcare lifestyle. 



The single-most popular kind of general dentistry service is fillings. We’ve all been there when we’ve had too many sweet tooth indulgences and now it’s painful to bite down on our food. Fillings will bore out the bad material in the tooth, and then have it filled with a hard and protective material. This allows you to eat and drink as normal once more. It’s especially popular with teenagers and young adults.


Clear aligners

The day of the metal braces is over, now with better technology, we can provide customers with clear aligners. These are, as you can probably tell, completely translucent and they fit your teeth like a glove. They will be made using a very high-tech mold so the full shape, size and width of your teeth are captured accurately. The clear aligners can be worn during the day as well, as they are difficult to be seen. Adults find this service especially good, as they don’t feel self-conscious in the office as they would with metal braces; which are often associated with adolescents.


Dental implants

Do you have a chipped tooth? Maybe you have a horrible tooth that has either been infected or perhaps destroyed in some kind of sports injury or car crash. Dental implants are the answer to your prayers, as they will replace a tooth completely, and act just as your normal teeth would. They are made from a hard composite material, often from porcelain and or ceramic and they give you back your smile. The implant will look just like the rest of your teeth, as we can color it to merge into your mouth properly.



We’re all going to hit a milestone eventually, whereby we will need to have some of our teeth removed or they will just fall out due to age. With a partial or full denture, we can give you back your smile and the function of your mouth once more. These types of dentures fit your gums just right and they allow you to talk and eat just as you normally would. It’s great for older people, but it’s not unusual to have athletes who play full-contact sports be fitted with overdentures either.

If you have any further questions about the services we provide and how we could help you, please feel free to book an appointment on our website, or call us!